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Amongst the ten sciences (Tib: Rig-Nae), five major sciences and five minor sciences, one of them is the art (Doe-gar). As we strive for the preservation of our Tibetan religion and culture, language, the art is also a very important part of the sciences. The preservation of these sciences is an unavoidable responsibility of each one of us.  At the private organisation “Thang-Thong Lugar Tibetan Art Performers” based near Dharamsala, have the kind facility of learning Tibetan music, opera and Tibetan music instruments without any charges. If these could be taken up by as many of our younger Tibetan boys and girls, then it would wholesomely benefit as to the stability and preservation of our unique Tibetan culture. Thus the head of each settlement and all the related Tibetan organisations’ responsible staff should elaborate and explain the above matter to the Tibetans in their respective community with special care and attention.

Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama


During the meeting held on 19/8/2013 of Bylakupee Domey Regional association, had a discussion about the execution of the community’s forthcoming projects and also appreciated the view to appoint an experienced Domey former member as an advisor particularly to fulfill His Holiness’ wishes. Following our several requests to Mr. Lobsang Phunstok la, appointed directly to fulfill His Holiness’s wishes and a charitable person filled with immense kindness, a devoted member of not just our association but the Tibetan community at large, has kindly consented to our request with great understanding. We all members thank him deeply for the same.

On the top of our former Domey MP Geshe Lobsang Nyendak and Khu -Bhudh Rinpoche as advisors, we are overjoyed to have an additional adviser, Mr. Lobsang Phunstok la this time.

Therefore, with great respect, all the present members of this association will always follow the instructions given by the advisors with sincerity and dedication.
With our hope and request again for your continuous support and advice without any omission, in the future as well, to all the temporary or later projects, be it small or big,

Domey Regional association

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