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The Himalayan Culture Centre is a place that nurtures new artistic talents, it is meant to promote upcoming artists from all over India and especially Tibetan artists. The Himalayan Culture Centre works for preservation and promotion of Himalayan Cultures and especially Tibetan Cultures core values, traditions and unique heritage.

imagesThe Himalayan Culture Centre was founded in 1989 to provide platform to preserve and disseminate the unique Himalayan Culture. So that such artists may interact, bounce of ideas with each other, collaborate and simply put share their vision with world.

Himalayan Culture continuing contributions to global understanding depend on the preservation of its various elements in two aspects. 1. Preservation and promotion of them in their traditional forms. 2. The evolution on some of these aspects as they interacts and adapt to other cultures. The 20th Century has seen comparable losses in the Himalaya cultures and traditions. Therefore, it is imperative that what remains of the Himalayan Culture be located, preserved and spread as soon and as efficiently as possible, for the benefit and enrichment of the world, both present and future.

Himalayan traditions have evolved over the centuries, this process of evolution and growth must continue. This is essential not only for the survival of this rich heritage as a living tradition, but also for its ability to continue contributing to a truly global understanding.

Himalaya Culture is based on the developing mind and cultivating joy, work for world peace and humanity, which connects Mongolian, Chinese, Nepali and Sri Lankan, Singaporean, Vietnamese, South Korean etc. 

In Tibet, traces of Tibetan culture are very difficult to find. If you would like to experience Tibetan culture you’d need to visit India. His Holiness Dalai Lama has stated that India is their Guru and Buddhism was embraced from India, which is the chief treasure for them. Our organization is an attempt to help create awareness and preserve this culture. We believe that every culture has the right to exist, and not just in the hearts of people but also in their Country. Tibetans need to believe that their culture is worth preserving.

We have given platforms to Himalayan Artists to showcase their talent. Through us they get chance to perform globally and showcase their talent through music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings.

We accept this goodwill as a responsibility and do not use it for political, religious or commercial advantages and also conscientious not to disrupt the environmental and social stability, and the cultural base of these two countries.

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