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Sera Mey Monastery Grand Entrance Arch: Sponsor & Chief Guest: Mr. Lobsang Puntsok Pontsang

The Great three Monastic University have been reestablished in Karnataka.  Gaden Monastery, Drepung Monastery both at Mundgod and the Sera Mey and Jey at Bylakuppe, South India. Sera Mahayana Monastic University is one of the greatest seats of learning within the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism, a school in which the Kadampa tradition in general, and particularly the great Nalanda tradition are preserved in the entireties.

Sera Mey Monastery Grand Entrance Arch Opening Ceremony was done on 1st March, 2016 with inaugurated by H. E Khen Rinpoche. The Chief Guest for the ceremony is Mr. Lobsang Phunstok Pontsang. He was the sponsor of Grand Entrance Arch. He is long time supporter, advisor and sponsor of the Sera Mey Monastery.


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